The Sheriff's Department is in the midst of sweeping and dramatic improvements. As we address our major responsibilities for the care, custody and control of approximately 3,500 inmates, we are also embarking on a new, comprehensive approach to master planning for the Criminal Justice System in Orleans Parish. For many months, and through the cooperation of all elements of the criminal justice system along with FEMA, we've taken an approach that the future can be much greater than what we had pre-Katrina. We are taking advantage of this opportunity to bring modern technologies and best practices into the development of safe, secure facilities. We are moving into the 21st century of criminal justice where we won't simply be warehousing inmates. The future I envision is one where the Sheriff's Office will create more programs to intervene into the lives of inmates to help them become better in jail so they will be more productive when they return to society. Each day we are working to improve conditions. With our new facilities we will be able to raise expectations and hope for the future. We will offer more job skills, training and counseling to equip our inmates with the tools they need to obtain and retain jobs in the community. Since I first took this office in November 2004, I have been committed to rehabilitation of our inmates as a key factor in reducing overall crime in the community, and, in particular, recidivism. Our new facilities will improve public safety by creating an environment conducive to preparing people for re-entry while they have time to learn new skills and expand their talents. I invite you to review this report and the progress we are making with facilities, personnel and programs in the community - to serve and to protect New Orleans.

Marlin N. Gusman, Sheriff